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Advantages of carbon cleaning machine

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Carbon cleaning machine has good environmental characteristics and cleaning ability, is non-corrosive to metal, can meet the needs of many fields of parts cleaning, but also has a certain effect on rust prevention. It has gradually become one of the important industrial cleaning tools. Next for your detailed introduction to the carbon cleaning machine.

Here is the table of contents:

l What is the cleaning principle of the carbon cleaning machine?

l What are the advantages of a carbon cleaning machine?

What is the cleaning principle of the carbon cleaning machine?

The cleaning principle of a carbon cleaning machine is simply based on the solvency power of the solvent for cleaning. Carbon cleaning machine based on the solubility of grease or oily contamination degreasing mechanism: the principle of similar solubility. Water can be miscible with compounds with similar OH structure to water such as R-COOH (lower fatty acid), R-OH (lower alcohol), etc. is also based on this. The solubility between dissimilar liquids is closely related to the surface tension and interfacial tension. The value of interfacial tension between the two approximates easy mutual solubility.

What are the advantages of a carbon cleaning machine?

1. Good cleaning performance.

Carbon Cleaner and most of the lubricants, rust prevention oil, machining oil with non-polar in the petroleum fraction, according to the principle of similar compatibility, carbon cleaning machine cleaning mineral oil better than halogenated hydrocarbons and water-based cleaning agents.

2. Evaporation loss is small.

Carbon cleaning machine cleaning agent boiling point is high, in the use of storage process evaporation loss is small, the packaging and equipment sealing requirements are very low.

3. Very low toxicity.

Toxicological tests, carbon cleaning machine absorption, and discharge toxicity, oral toxicity, and skin contact toxicity are ultra-low toxicity and do not belong to carcinogenic substances, cleaning operators are safer to use.

4. Good material compatibility.

Carbon cleaning machines do not contain water and chlorine, sulfur, and other corrosive substances, on a variety of metal materials will not produce corrosion and oxidation. The carbon cleaning machine is a non-polar solvent, most plastics, and rubber without dissolution, swelling, and embrittlement.

5. Can be completely evaporated without residue.

Carbon cleaning machine is a very pure refined solvent, at room temperature and heating state can be completely evaporated, there is no residue.

6. No damage to the environment.

The carbon cleaning machine can be automatically degraded, the cleaning waste can be put into coal-fired or oil-fired boilers and incinerated, the incineration products are mainly CO2 and water, no pollution to the air. Carbon cleaning machine eliminates the waste liquid that does not contain chlorine, the destruction factor of the ozone is zero.

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