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Causes of damage to steam car wash machine parts

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To steam car wash machine to meet the requirements of all aspects, it is necessary to the correct planning and production of mechanical parts that make up the machine as a condition, the good or bad parts of the mobile car washing machine play a decisive role in the use of performance. In the normal steam car washer process parts are damaged in three ways, cracking, deformation, appearance damage. These three kinds of damage will form irreparable damage to the parts, and eventually, make it fail and affect the performance of the mobile car washing machine. Therefore, understanding the causes of damage to steam car washer parts and adopting appropriate methods to make up for it is necessary to extend its life.

Here is the content list:

  • Deformation by force

  • Exterior Damage

Deformation by force

Steam car wash machine parts in the role of external loads such as tensile, compression, bending, shear, and torsion, because the stress on a risky cross-section beyond the strength limit of the parts and the onset of cracking; parts in the role of variable stress, the risk of fatigue cracking on the cross-section, are such. Also, for example, the cracking of the bolt of the car wash steamer, the fracture of the root of the gear teeth, etc. If the stress acting on the part exceeds its limit of tolerance, the part will produce residual deformation. This type of deformation can lead to blockage of certain piping, such as deformation of the water piping can lead to smaller water intake, affecting the car wash pressure and reducing the car wash performance.

Exterior Damage

Steam car wash machine parts of the exterior damage are mainly corrosion, wear and touch fatigue. Corrosion is an electrochemical or perhaps chemical corrosion phenomenon that occurs on the exterior of the metal. Corrosion results in rusting of the metal exterior, thus causing damage to the exterior of the parts. At the same time, the acceptance of strain parts, but also cause the phenomenon of corrosion fatigue. Wear is a mobile car washing machine of two parts in the process of relative movement of the exterior material loss or transport phenomenon. Because the mobile car washing machine contains water inside, and each function is simply to use water, in the parts for a long time in the wet air or with water, steam and other corrosive media touching the metal parts, are likely to corrosion phenomenon. All relative movement of the appearance of the parts are likely to wear, and the appearance of the parts operating under the touch of variable stress conditioning will also be likely to touch fatigue. Steam car washer manufacturers need to think about what methods to deal with to minimize this damage and extend the service life of the mobile steam car wash machine.

Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd recommends that you carefully understand the causes of wear and tear of a steam car washer so that you can use it properly and prolong its life.

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