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Countermeasures against engine carbon buildup

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When we turn off the engine a moment the ignition is immediately cut off, but the gasoline ejected by this work cycle can not be recovered, but only attached to the intake valve and combustion chamber wall, gasoline is easy to evaporate, but the wax and gum in the gasoline are left, in the long run, the wax and gum in the gasoline thicker and thicker, repeatedly hardened by heat to form a carbon deposit. So how to clean up the carbon? Of course, it is the engine decarbonizing machine, want to know? Read on!

Here is the table of contents.

l What is carbon buildup?

l What is the diagnosis method of car carbon?

l How to decarbonize an engine?

What is carbon buildup?

Insufficient combustion of fuel in the engine or gasoline can not be completely burned in the paraffin gum material, in the injector nozzle, throttle, fuel line, spark plug, and other parts of the residual, under the action of high temperature, turn to form carbon. When you encounter difficulties in cold starting, power loss, lack of speed, and significantly higher fuel consumption, likely, your car has already accumulated carbon seriously. At this moment the car's engine will need the engine Carbon Cleaning machine to help.

What is the diagnosis method of car carbon?

However, the diagnosis of valve carbon accumulation has always been a difficult problem, generally speaking, there are two kinds of diagnosis methods in professional repair stores. Disassembly method, that is, the engine is disassembled, check whether there is carbon generation. This is very intuitive but time-consuming and labor-intensive, and no matter what parts are disassembled once will more or less affect its performance and shorten its service life. Therefore, we highly recommend engine decarbonizing machines. Endoscopic inspection is to remove the spark plugs or injector nozzles and use an endoscope to observe the extent of valve carbon build-up.

In contrast, the disassembly method is the most effective, but it can also bring bad effects, so the importance of the engine decarbonizing machine comes into play.

How to decarbonize an engine?

If carbon buildup has caused malfunctions, such as shaky idle, hard starting, high idle speed, and excessive exhaust fumes, it must be cleaned. Conventional vehicles must also be cleaned every six months or 10,000 kilometers. The cleaning can be done with some no-take cleaners. Use engine decarbonizing machine with car cleaner to reduce the formation of car carbon. The formation of car carbon is because there are some impurities in the gasoline, if you use the gasoline with higher cleanliness, then the formation of car carbon will be less. It is also necessary to develop good car habits to warm up the vehicle before each start, which can also reduce the generation of carbon. In addition, it is necessary to clean the air intake system of the car regularly. Doing some necessary cleaning to the air intake system of the car is the most effective way to reduce the formation of carbon, so the car owner can do some necessary cleaning to the air intake system of the car at about 30,000 kilometers. In addition, you can also use an engine decarbonizing machine to clean it regularly.

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