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Do car wash steamers hurt the car paint or not?

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This is not only a question that car owners want to know, it is also a question that investors want to know. The following will explain whether the steam car wash machine will hurt the car paint or not.

Here is the content list:

  • Working principle

  • Steam temperature

  • Wax film protection

Working principle

I first give you the principle of steam car wash machine: steam car washer is the first water by heating into steam, the spray of steam in the body exterior quickly condensed into water, and then through the steam pressure to quickly wash the dust and dirt clean. Steam can both disinfect and remove dirt, but also has strong physical properties of thermal degradation, can quickly dissolve the sticky nature of mud and stains, dust and dirt softened by heat, and is easy to remove under the pressure of steam eruption. When the high pressure on the exterior of the car, steam car wash machine emitted low-temperature steam temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, steam pressure reached 220-260 m / s (flow rate of more than 17 hurricanes), so that the sticky paint on the exterior of the pollution objects swept away.

Steam temperature

The steam of the steam car wash machine is low-temperature steam and does not exceed the limit temperature of the paint and rubber heated, the paint temperature is baked through the paint booth 170 degrees, as long as the temperature does not exceed this, the car's paint and rubber parts will certainly not occur any damage.

The steam temperature at the outlet of the gun of the steam car wash machine is 100-120 degrees Celsius, but in the process of washing the car, the spray gun mouth is 8-10 centimeters away from the body, steam from the outlet after 10 centimeters, the temperature will dissipate part of the steam temperature at this time is only about 50 degrees, the hands can contact directly, so it will not hurt the paint. In the summer, especially the black car, put in the sun, the temperature of the exterior of the paint reaches 60 degrees are fine, steam cleaning is only 50 degrees is not hurt the paint, and steam will also decompose the sludge on the exterior of the body so that it is quickly flushed clean. With life experience, we all know that when washing things with cold water and hot water is very different effects.

Wax film protection

High pressure car washing machine jets out of the steam shock wave is equal to the speed of 90-100 km/h, so it can effectively paint the surface of the pollution objects swept away, and then wipe, so there is no damage to the paint, plus neutral steam cleaning wax water will quickly solidify on the surface of the paint, forming a wax film to protect the paint.

Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd reminds you that the steam car washer does not damage the car paint, rather, it protects it.

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