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How does a steam car washer work?

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Steam car wash machine is not unfamiliar to everyone, but how much do you know about the working principle of steam car wash machine? The following is an introduction to the principle and application of steam car wash machines.

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A piston pump is a piston that moves back and forth through a fixed seal. The piston pump relies on the reciprocating motion of the piston, which makes the working volume of the pump chamber change periodically to achieve the suction and discharge of liquid. The piston pump of a steam car washer has a seal mounted on the plunger through a smooth cylinder wall. It mainly uses the plunger in the pump cylinder body reciprocating motion. The piston pump is through a fixed seal, a piston back and forth movement. The piston pump relies on the reciprocating motion of the piston to make the working volume of the pump chamber change periodically to achieve the inhalation and discharge of liquid. While the piston pump seal is mounted on the plunger, through a smooth cylinder wall. It mainly uses the plunger in the pump cylinder reciprocating motion, so that the plunger and the pump wall between the formation of volume change, repeatedly inhaling and discharging liquid and increase its pressure pump. The plunger pump generally has better initial use characteristics, the advantages of which are high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency, and easy flow rate adjustment, etc., but its disadvantage is that it cannot run too high pressure, the service life is also shorter.

The water capacity of the pump depends on the operating speed of the pump, and the pump must make the same amount of water into and out. The water flow parameter of the piston pump is stable, that is, regardless of the different pressure of the equipment ejected water flow is constant, therefore, if the nozzle or high-pressure pipe at the blockage, will lead to high-pressure pump pressure is too large. Therefore, the equipment system must be equipped with a pressure relief valve and other devices.

The most likely cause of failure of a high pressure car washing machine is usually not because of the pump, pump failure is generally caused by the wear and tear of components or parts, such as nozzle seal’s wear. Generally speaking, the pump water intake is not enough, which is one of the main reasons for the failure of the pump in the early stage of use. Generally speaking, is because the inlet pipe diameter is too small or insufficient water supply, which leads to not enough water into the pump inside, making the pump cavitation phenomenon, cavitation makes the gas mixed in the water to produce a small explosion of overpressure damage, making the piston surface wear.

The above is a brief description of some of the high pressure car washing machine pumps, the pump is the heart of the operation of the high pressure car washing machine, so the quality of the pump affects the cleaning effect and service life of the machine.


Industrial steam washers have many places prone to arch, blockage, and crust phenomena. High pressure car washing machines to clear the blockage, many times you need to stop the downstream equipment and get inside the equipment to clear the material. At the same time, there are widely used in daily production, work, life, engineering vehicles, and transport vehicles cleaning, plant ground of, curtain wall, sculpture and so on cleaning work.

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