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How does the DPF cleaning machine work?

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DPF cleaning machine is a very important, convenient, and fast cleaning machine and equipment, which is widely welcomed by the market. So, why does the DPF cleaning machine work? How does the DPF cleaning machine work? Below, the article will introduce how the DPF cleaning machine works from these two aspects.

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Why does the DPF cleaning machine work?

How does the DPF cleaning machine work?

Why does the DPF cleaning machine work?

DPF cleaning machine is a professional vehicle cleaning equipment, through professional machine cleaning measures, to restore DPF performance.

DPF is a device that can reduce the emission of particulate matter (PM) in the exhaust gas. With the accumulation of vehicle running time, more and more soot and engine oil additive combustion products are captured in DPF, so that exhaust backpressure increases, which affects power performance and increases fuel consumption. DPF is maintenance parts like diesel filters and machine filters. The difference is that diesel filters and machine filters are directly replaced after the maintenance mileage, while DPF can perform some maintenance operations instead of directly replacing them. The purchase or replacement cost of DPF is much higher than that of the diesel filter and machine filter.

At present, there are mainly two ways to restore the performance of DPF, that is, DPF regeneration and DPF cleaning. When the particulate matter accumulates to a certain extent, the soot particulate matter can be burned through the vehicle's own DPF regeneration. When the ash content accumulates to a certain level, it is necessary to clean the DPF through professional equipment, that is, a DPF cleaning machine, to restore the performance of the DPF.

How does the DPF cleaning machine work?

The DPF cleaning system of the DPF cleaning machine includes backpressure testing equipment, ash cleaning equipment, baking maintenance equipment, and channel testing equipment. Backpressure test equipment used to test the DPF backpressure state to determine whether DPF workpieces need to be cleaned twice; ash cleaning equipment, using high-pressure cluster airflow to blow out the black smoke particles and ash in the DPF; baking and maintenance equipment, using high temperature, the ash that is difficult to be blown out in the DPF channel is removed. Channel testing equipment, to detect the cleanliness of the DPF channel.

The DPF cleaning machine solves the cleaning problem of DPF, reduces the cost, and prolongs the service life of the DPF. It is one of the very useful cleaning equipment. Jinka Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the automotive maintenance industry. Its main products are HHO carbon deposit cleaner, GO CLEAN steam car washing machine and DPF cleaner. Kingkar is committed to developing advanced technology and outstanding performance. The high-quality HHO decarburized is the world's first product to use hydrogen mixed detergent as a decarburized. It is suitable for various car models. It only takes 20 minutes to clean the carbon deposits of engine parts. Kingkar DPF cleaner is an innovative solution that can clean all DPF, SCR, DOC of different types of vehicles. The car DPF only takes 30 minutes, and the truck DPF only takes 60 minutes. We take "learning and innovation" as our values, constantly update technology to adapt to the application of different industries, meet the various needs of customers, and lead the development of China and the international new energy industry. If you have related needs, welcome to our company's official website: Thank you very much for your support.

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