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How to buy a carbon cleaning machine

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Different metal material components have different cleaning regulations, will have to be different processing of the carbon cleaning machine, especially those containing buried holes in the metal material components. So what is the structure of a carbon cleaning machine and how to buy a carbon cleaning machine? Then read on.

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l What is the structure of the carbon cleaning machine?

l How to buy a carbon cleaning machine?

What is the structure of the carbon cleaning machine?

Now the use of carbon cleaning machine application device, the body includes the door frame and set on the door frame sealing structure, the door frame is set with an opening plate structure, its guide rail sliding frame, and drive the frame to move the linear drive mechanism, the frame is located above the door, the frame and the door connected through the pinhole structure, the linear drive mechanism is fixed to the frame and drive the connecting plate to move, the slide bar is fixed to the connecting plate, the cam is set to rotate on the connecting plate, the cam and the door are set against each other so that the door of the carbon cleaning machine can be kept airtight at positive pressure, as well as atmospheric pressure and negative pressure to avoid solvent leakage.

How to buy a carbon cleaning machine?

Such as cell phones and central air conditioning two categories of metal material components that will have to have two different cleaning processes, different tooling fixtures carbon cleaning machine equipment. In this case, the manufacturer must have strong product demand solution ability.

1. The manufacturer is not a complete environmental monitoring report: to see the carbon cleaning machine manufacturer presented by the solvent is not a more complete environmental monitoring report, is not according to the disease prevention and control monitoring center test;

2. Manufacturing carbon cleaning machine enterprise is not a separate chemical laboratory: suppliers to carbon cleaning machine manufacturing enterprises to inquire whether there is a separate test cleaning laboratory, if the two reliable chemical laboratory is not, then there is no way to ensure that the ability to continuously improve the cleaning of carbon cleaning machine solvent.

3. Carbon cleaning machine with the solvent cleaning capacity is not qualified; no matter which industrial cleaning solvent is not all-powerful, carbon cleaning machine cleaners are like this, so the purchaser should be for cleaning the target different materials, cleaning regulations and stains, etc., after the experiment and then decide which kinds of carbon cleaning machine cleaners to use.

If the parts are to have a high cleanliness inspection index, it is usually necessary to incorporate special cleaning machinery such as carbon cleaning machines and other machinery and equipment. In this case, the potential distributor must not only have the ability to manufacture the product but must also have specific experience in the application of the relevant supporting facilities and equipment. If the potential dealer can help the buyer to use the carbon cleaning machine efficiently, help the buyer to consider the cleaning regulations, save cost and maximize the profit of the buyer's rights, then the dealer will also be the dealer who is warmly welcomed by the buyer.

The systems Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co.Ltd. provides to the industrial manufacturing field include cleaning equipment for various parts; we provide solvent cleaners and carbon cleaning machines that are environmentally friendly and have low emissions. Our product requirements are to provide a high level of cleanliness, meet environmental requirements, reduce investment and operating costs, short planning and implementation times, and a wide range of applications for a variety of products.

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