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How to buy a steam car wash machine?

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Steam car wash machines use steam generated by heating tap water. Using the principle of steam heat degradation, the gentle steam combines, softens, expands, and separates the dirt attached to the surface of the car, and then removes the remaining dirt and a little water stain with a clean rag. The next is an introduction to the method of purchasing a steam car wash machine.

Here is the content list:

l Brand

l Price

l Reliability of use

l Working efficiency

l Maintenance


There are many manufacturers of car wash steamer production equipment, but very few can form a brand. Therefore, a steam car wash machine to form a brand must be a breakthrough in scale and quality, to prove the strength of the brand, so that users are assured. Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd's steam car wash machines are widely acclaimed in the industry.


When choosing a steam car wash machine, consider several factors, such as how much it is the right price, which is uncertain for the car wash store. In the rapid development of the market economy today, investment in the automotive aftermarket, the choice of steam car wash machine has been the object of many investors, how to properly and successfully operate a car beauty store, the purchase of a suitable steam car wash machine, will also be a problem that cannot be ignored.

Reliability of use

Due to the very harsh environment and the heavy humidity of the high pressure car washing machine, the reliability of the steam car wash machine work is more important than the mechanical appearance. Reliability not only reflects the intrinsic quality of the steam car wash equipment itself so that the efficiency of the car wash equipment can be given full play but also is an important criterion to reflect and measure the level of technology and management of the steam car washer manufacturer.

Working efficiency

Steam car wash machine efficiency directly affects the operating income, therefore, in the purchase of steam car wash machine equipment to focus on the consideration. The degree of self-control of steam car washer equipment is a basic indicator to reflect the level of technology of the car wash equipment itself, it is reported that the use of over-temperature protection, over-pressure protection, gas leak protection, steam car washer equipment can be made through a variety of signal transmission, to achieve a high degree of automation warning equipment.


The convenience and timeliness of maintenance are the last line of defense to ensure that the steam car wash machine equipment can operate normally. Any machinery, especially steam car wash machine, the same mechanical failure will occur at any time, to improve the utilization of machinery, which requires steam car wash machine with the reliability of the supply of wearing parts, steam car wash machine various parts disassembly convenience, standardization of parts manufacturing, etc.

Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd. has always insisted on high standards, so the quality of our steam car wash machines is excellent.

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