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How to maintain a steam car wash machine?

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With the rise of the economic level, the car slowly becomes people's means of transportation, almost every household has a car. There are more and more cars, cars are to be cleaned regularly, then steam car wash machine came into being. In the use of steam car wash machine work, but also need to pay attention to maintenance measures at all times, to ensure that steam car wash machine can play the best performance at all times. Next when the steam car wash machine maintenance methods and precautions and introduced.

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l Maintenance methods

l Caution

Maintenance methods


The first measure of steam car wash machine winter maintenance is to prevent freezing. In the northeast,In northern countries, the winter temperature reaches minus 30 degrees or even 40 degrees,, and other places, the winter temperature reaches minus 30 degrees or even 40 degrees, in this drip into the cold weather, steam car wash machine is not in use must empty the water tank and the water inside the machine to avoid the rupture of the pipes caused by freezing. The water inside the car should also be cleaned up promptly to avoid the occurrence of frozen icing, the conditions of the user can put the steam car wash machine in the house.

Timely descaling

The second measure is the regular descaling. Most areas of the tap water will contain more or less scale, according to the different water quality and frequency of use, the need to regularly remove scale inside the car wash steamer to avoid scale blocking the internal heating efficiency and water circulation. The method of descaling is very simple, that is, mixed with an equal proportion of descaling agent water poured into the tank, so that the steam equipment on cycle a week, placed a night and then turn on the machine with water to rinse again.


In summer, the water and mud on the car dry quickly, and the grit will remain on the surface of the car, so use the high pressure car washing machine to rinse off the grit first, and then wipe the remaining steam with a rag, so that it is not easy to hurt the paint. When using steam car washers to clean the engine in summer, if the engine compartment is hot after a long run, you need to wait for the engine to cool down before cleaning, to avoid direct cleaning when the heatwave burns.

As we all know, the correct maintenance method can prolong the life of the steam car wash machine. Therefore, Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd recommends you to read the above maintenance methods and precautions carefully to maximize the service life of the product. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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