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How to operate a steam car washer?

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Steam car washer is a new type of equipment that turns tap water into high temperature and pressure through the new technology of "instantaneous vaporization", thus achieving the effect of energy-saving and environmental protection. Steam car washer is still a very new thing in China at the moment, but of course, people in the industry, are already familiar with steam car wash machines. What follows is an introduction to the method of operating a steam car washer.

Here is the content list:

l Define the purpose

l Understand the use of the button

l Operation method

l Ask questions if you don't know, don't operate blindly

Define the purpose

The first thing you need to know is what you are going to use the steam car washer for, whether it is to clean the exterior, the interior of the engine, and air conditioning. Then the question arises than to clean the interior, you need to adjust the steam water dry so that the water in the cleaning of the seat will not be too large, generally, in the cleaning, the water has been evaporated dry, does not affect the direct use.

Understand the use of the button

In the clear after the functions, to understand how to use, general car wash steamer operating panel are shown what the function of each button. Simple steam button operation on the line, if there are no such instructions on the equipment, should be asked by phone or in-person dealer, to do the correct use. Our steam car wash machine has been improved many times, the existing panel is very simple, only need a little instruction from the after-sales staff, easy to get started to operate.

Operation method

Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd reminds you that when you encounter such a thing, don't panic, analyze yourself first, prepare special towels, fiber towels or buckskin towels, and sponges, of course, these three things, there is one also, one of the three is fine, but all three are even better. No matter how dirty your car is, you can use the steam car wash machine to rinse directly, it is only recommended that when rinsing the body so that the gun is 10 centimeters away from the body, by the order of cleaning from top to bottom, after cleaning with a towel to dry the watermark.

Ask questions if you don't know, don't operate blindly

Some details to pay attention to during the cleaning process, pay attention to the start and pause of the equipment, each manufacturer of high pressure car washing machine factory have operating instructions, read the operating instructions before operation. Must read, do not understand to ask, to know the function of each button, how to stop.

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