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How to use DPF cleaning machine?

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DPF cleaning machine has certain operating specifications and usage requirements. So, how to use the DPF cleaning machine? What are the precautions for using the DPF cleaning machine? Below, the article will introduce how to use the DPF cleaning machine from these two aspects.

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How to use DPF cleaning machine?

What are the precautions for using the DPF cleaning machine?

How to use DPF cleaning machine?

1. Disassemble the DPF carrier assembly from the commercial vehicle and separate the carrier from the assembly;

2. Perform light source inspection on the carrier to check whether the old carrier is transparent, the qualified carrier can be cleaned, and the damaged carrier can be scrapped;

3. Put the carrier into the exhaust backpressure detection equipment for measurement and statistics;

4. Use a probe to test the blockage, weigh the weight of the carrier to be cleaned and record the data;

5. Preheat the DPF high-temperature regeneration furnace to 300℃;

6. Put the DPF carrier to be regenerated into a high-temperature regeneration furnace for carbon deposition oxidation treatment;

7. Set the temperature of the high-temperature regeneration furnace to 600℃, and heat the carrier;

8. After the heating is completed, open the furnace cover and use high-temperature gloves to take out the carrier and place it on the transfer vehicle to cool down naturally;

9. Put the DPF carrier [measured carrier temperature ≤90] after cooling for 1.5 hours into the soot blowing equipment for high-pressure purging;

10. Use DPF exhaust backpressure detection equipment to measure the cleaned DPF carrier;

11. Use a probe to test the cleaning condition, weigh and record the data to compare with the carrier data before cleaning;

12. After the data value reaches the standard, install the carrier to the DPF assembly and load it into the vehicle, and check the vehicle backpressure value data;

13. Record the mileage of the vehicle, which is convenient for monitoring the cleaning cycle of the vehicle.

What are the precautions for using the DPF cleaning machine?

1. Strictly follow the instructions to use the DPF cleaning machine correctly.

2. Please use the DPF cleaning machine for personnel with relevant experience.

3. Carry out relevant operating procedures in an orderly manner.

4. Serious and meticulous attitude.

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