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Product Detail


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Portable Professional Car Interior Steam cleaning machine

  • Machine size: 670mm*830mm*950mm
  • Net weight: 120KGS
  • Operating pressure: 10-16bar
  • Voltage:AC220V and DC48V for option
  • Power: 200W
  • Capacity of water tank & diesel tank: 17L
  • Fuel consumption: 2L/H
  • Country of origin: China
  • 6.0


GOCLEAN car steamer uses high temperature and high pressure steam for cleaning, it is the expert of car cleaning. Just use water and electricity, no chemicals. GOCLEAN car steamer with dry steam and wet steam for car interior and exterior cleaning at the same time. High temperature steam can deodorize and sanitize, give you a comfortable, safety and pleasant driving experience.


Product Description

GOCLEAN steamer 6.0 is the new arrival for mobile commercial steam car wash business.

  • 16 bar steam pressure guarantee cleaning effects without any shampoo.

  • 195℃ steam temperature is used well for bacteria cleaning which brings a nice environment to human beings.

  • Mobile cleaning best choice

Quick steam cleaning within 5 minutes
bacteria-sterilizingBacteria sterilizing 99.99%
comprehensive-cleaning2 kinds steam for 360o comprehensive cleaning
Mobile service freely

Cleaning Effect

Widely application, use dry steam and wet steam cleaning separately and safely, 360o comprehensive cleaning the car. 100% guarantee the cleaning effect.


Air conditioner and dead angle cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing, eliminate odorous.


Interior cleaning, dry steam cleaning, protect circuit, keep away from moisture and avoid rusting.


Engine cleaning, dry steam cleaning, protect circuit, to avoid rusting.


Exterior cleaning use wet steam, protect the appearance of car, make the car shining after cleaning.


goclean-steamer-features-1Continuous steam guarantee long term use and cleaning effect
goclean-steamer-features-2Wet & dry steam guarantee 360℃ comprehensive cleaning
goclean-steamer-features-5Smart control panel, easy to use, Control GOCLEAN in a same panel, reduce wrong use. Reducing training time
goclean-steamer-features-8In-built 10 safety guarantee systems 100% guarantee cleaning safely.

goclean-steamer-features-6The only steam wash machine with a remind of scale cleaning every 50 hours. Also the alarming systems of over heat; over pressure...and so on
goclean-steamer-features-7Self-testing system, the machine can test the inside system by itself and remind maintenance and faults on smart panel, save maintenance time
goclean-steamer-features-3Design smart, mobile service first choice: Diesel powered GOCLEAN steamer can provide service door to door. Enlarger customers; group greatly
goclean-steamer-features-4Sterilizing bacteria and Spa service: GOCLEAN steamer with high temperature at 195 ℃ kills harmful bacteria which is bad for human body. It with perfume together brings a nice environment

Higher efficient heating system, Provides continuous rich and powerful steam, good for cleaning effect and business. Other machines generator steam intermittently. No good operating experience.

Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co.Ltd., founded in 2001,the existing employees are more than 100 people, is a professional engaged in car maintenance industry of high-tech enterprises, The main products include HHO Carbon Cleaner, GOCLEAN steam car washing machine, and DPF cleaner.

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