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Product Detail

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Powerful Ce Approved Engine HHO Carbon Cleaner

Professional Powerful 450ml Diesel Generator HHO Carbon Cleaner, Double cleaning, double benefit
  • Usage: Engine Carbon Cleaning for Cars
  • Working: 24 hours Continuous
  • Maximum gas output (L/H): 2000
  • Voltage: 110V, 220V, 380V, etc.
  • carbon cleaning machine
  • 6.0

Product Description

Professional Engine Carbon Cleaner, Double cleaning

Kingkar HHO Carbon Cleaner 6.0

Powerful Ce Approved Engine HHO Carbon Cleaner

  • 20 minutes only needed, simple operation.

  • Guarantee cleaning effect and customer satisfaction.

  • 1 unit of HHO, can do carbon cleaning for petrol and diesel engines.

  • 1 unit of HHO, can work on car, suv, van, bus, truck, etc.

  • HHO can clean all the engine parts, including DPF, catalytic converter, EGR, etc.

  • Can be put in a mobile van or truck, to offer mobile cleaning service.

  • Improve car performance, e.g. horsepower increase by 20%, emission reduction by 72%.

  • Designed with 12 safety guarantee device, 100% guarantee no operation accident.

  • Received 23 Patents, and passed National High-Tech Enterprise certification, etc.

  • Registered HHO brands in more than 40 countries in the world.

Produce HHO gas by electrolyzing water

One bottle of cleaner agent for one car

Maximum water consumption: 0.8L/H

Maximum power consumption: 6KW/H

Maximum gas output production: 2000L/H

Designed with 12 safety guarantee device

Do carbon cleaning for engines of car, bus, truck, etc.

Improve car performance, e.g. horsepower increase by 20%, emission reduction by 72%.

Prolong engine lifetime, engine parts without carbon deposit but with better function.

Save repairing cost, engine parts replacement cost, etc.


Powerful Ce Approved Engine HHO Carbon Cleaner

Water Consumption:0.8L/H  
Rated Power:7.5KVA
Carbon Cleaning Time:20minutes
Machine Working Temperature:40℃
Power: single or three-phase
110V/220V/380V, ( 50-60) HZ ± 10%
Suitable for engines: Petrol, Gasoline
Net Weight: 140kgs
Size: 63cm x 76cm x 90cm ( L x W x H )
Application: engine carbon cleaning

Working Principle

HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine electrolyze water into HHO gas. 

HHO gas run into engine combustion chamber, and HHO gas will burn with oil & carbon together. 

20 minutes burning reaction, the carbon deposit will be burnt and can be exhausted from exhaust pipe.

Cleaning Effect


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