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What is the function of the DPF cleaning machine?

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DPF cleaning machine plays a unique role in the cleaning and continued use of DPF equipment. So, what is the role of the DPF cleaning machine? What are the characteristics of the DPF cleaning machine? Below, the article will introduce the function of the DPF cleaning machine from these two aspects.

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What is the function of the DPF cleaning machine?

What are the characteristics of the DPF cleaning machine?


What is the function of the DPF cleaning machine?

1. Remove the soot, ash, colloid, sludge, metal salt, and other blockages in the DPF channel, restore the DPF system to be unblocked, reduce fuel consumption, and restore engine power.

2. Avoid uneven temperature distribution due to high-temperature baking, avoid internal carrier cracking, perforation, etc., extend the service life of DPF, and reduce pollution emissions.

3. The DPF cleaning agent can be recycled many times. After the membrane separation process, the effect can be restored by adding the concentrate and reducing sewage.

What are the characteristics of the DPF cleaning machine?

1. Efficient. DPF cleaning machine is a fully automatic DPF cleaning and regenerating equipment. With DPF cleaning and regenerating agent, it can effectively remove particles, ash, sludge, and other impurities trapped by DPF, and efficiently regenerate DPF.

2.New Technology. The DPF circulating cleaning machine adopts hot water and high pressure air work alternately + 360 times wave purge to remove particulate matter accumulated in the DPF pores; at the same time, it is equipped with unique patent of cleaning agent, soften soot and ash in the shortest possible time

3. Environmental protection. DPF cleaning machine not only has excellent cleaning effect, but also is safe, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free. At the same time, it can be used in the regeneration process of diesel engine DPF system that fails due to poor fuel quality and incomplete combustion caused by soot blockage. The soot, ash, colloid, oil sludge, and other blockages can be peeled, dispersed, and dissolved safely and efficiently, reducing the maintenance or replacement cost of blocked DPF, reducing fuel consumption, restoring power, and improving the purification effect and emission of DPF exhaust.

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