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What is the structural composition of a steam car washer?

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Steam car washer is a new type of equipment that turns tap water into high temperature and high pressure through the new technology of "instantaneous vaporization", thus achieving the effect of energy-saving and environmental protection. The following is an introduction to the structure composition maintenance methods of a steam car washer.

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Structural composition

In a multifunctional car wash steamer, multifunctional car wash often contains some or all of the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, cooling, signal, control, monitoring, and other systems, but the main body of the machine is still its car wash mechanical system. No matter what kind of function a car wash steamer has, its mechanical system is always composed of several structures, and each mechanism is composed of many parts. So, the basic components of a steam car washer are mechanical parts. Steam car wash machine mechanical parts can be divided into two categories: one is in a variety of steam car wash machine models are often used parts, called common parts, such as screws, gears, etc. Another category is in a specific type of steam car washer models can only be used parts, called special parts, such as high-pressure cold-water guns, foam pots, etc.  Also, often by a group of parts that work in tandem are composed of independently manufactured or independently assembled assemblies called parts, such as motors, electric tricycles, electric batteries, etc.

For a steam car wash machine, all parts are its parts, they must be subject to global constraints. Thus, they are in the machine, or by the determined location and interconnection, or according to the established rules for relative movement, together to complete the car wash function and play their respective roles. No matter what kind of steam car wash machine, its performance is based on the performance of its main parts or the comprehensive performance of certain key parts. It can be seen that to design a very good machine, it must be well designed or selected its parts, and the design or selection of each part and the requirements of the entire steam car washer are inseparable.

Maintenance methods

General maintenance and maintenance of the high pressure car washing machine often descaling and cleaning the water holding device. After the high pressure car washing machine cleaning work, press the cold-water button, through the cold-water pressure (60 kg or more) repeatedly flush a small amount of scale in the pipeline, until the residual steam in the pipeline is completely released can be.  For some areas with hard water quality, steam car washers should be carefully cleaned up after working continuously for some time, and specific operation methods should be sent with the equipment and instructions. Water-holding device exposed to the outdoors for a long time, a long time will inevitably have impurities and dirty things fall into, after a period to clean out the dirty things inside, to avoid impurities blocking steam car wash machine special steam gun nozzle, thus affecting the cleaning effect. Steam car wash machine this emerging car wash equipment comes with a filter cup, if you want the machine to automatically clean up the scale, just pour the scale cleaner into the filter cup can be automatically cleaned.

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