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What is the structure of the DPF cleaning machine?

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As machine equipment, DPF cleaning machine has its unique structure. So, what is the structure of the DPF cleaning machine? How does the DPF cleaning machine work? Below, the article will introduce the structure of the DPF cleaning machine from these two aspects.

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What is the structure of the DPF cleaning machine?

How does the DPF cleaning machine work?


What is the structure of the DPF cleaning machine?

Generally, the DPF cleaning machine is composed of an operation panel, an inner tank, a vibration head, a power cord, a drain valve, casters, and a drive plate. The operation panel can control the temperature, view the time, and perform switch operations. The thickness of the inner tank affects the operating efficiency of the equipment. Vibration is related to cleaning strength. The power cord needs to be standard, safe, and stable. The drain valve needs to be corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant. The casters are convenient to move, stylish, and fast. A complete system of the DPF cleaning machine organically constitutes the operation, cleaning, and processing procedures of the PDF cleaning machine, which promotes the effective cleaning of the DPF, guarantees the subsequent use of the DPF, and avoids unnecessary costs of replacing the DPF. Therefore, the structure of the DPF cleaning machine is very suitable for application requirements, and it is also a very efficient and high-speed cleaning method.

How does the DPF cleaning machine work?

DPF cleaning machine operating procedures are divided into PLC microcomputer control, lifting, throwing, high-pressure spraying, compressor condensation, bulge washing, stirring and dispersing, drum cleaning, hot air drying, etc. Most of these procedures are carried out inside the machine, which greatly reduces the cleaning time, frees hands, and is very convenient to use. From placing DPF, inspecting DPF, cleaning DPF to checking DPF, every step is carried out in the DPF cleaning machine in an orderly manner, thus ensuring the correct cleaning procedure, guaranteeing cleaning strength, reducing cleaning time, and improving the cleanliness of the DPF. It promotes the effective work of DPF and enhances the driving experience.

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