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Why are steam car washers widely used?

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Steam car wash machine why the application of a wide range? Steam car wash machine I think now for many people is still relatively unfamiliar, for steam car wash machine performance understanding is also relatively vague, after all, China is so big, some places are still not popular too. The following by the clean environmental protection small to tell you, steam car wash machine performance advantages and cleaning effect!

Here is the content list:

l Steam function, used in the automotive industry

l Removing stubborn stains for the domestic service industry

l High-temperature degradation of oil stains for industrial

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Steam function, used in the automotive industry

Steam car wash machine we can see from the name, this equipment is required to use steam, then mention steam, we first thought of high temperature. Steam car wash machine is a high temperature and high-pressure steam cold water all-in-one machine, it is because of the steam car wash machine high temperature and high pressure working principle, can be on the surface of the car paint stains, play a high-temperature degradation function, so clean the surface of the car will save a lot of trouble, and, the use of steam car wash machine car wash is not required to apply cleaning agent, so, steam car wash machine can be said to be environmentally friendly energy consumption reduction. Steam car wash machines can do things that cold water car wash cannot do now, such as cleaning the engine, cleaning the air conditioning, cleaning the seatback, cleaning the interior, and many other functions.

Removing stubborn stains for the domestic service industry

Steam car washers can also be called steam cleaners, which are now widely used in the domestic service industry. Because of the high temperature and high-pressure performance of the steam cleaner, for the larger stubborn stains of oil, it can effectively play fast-melting oil molecules. Therefore, the use of steam cleaning machine cleaning in addition to the hood is very convenient. Further car wash steamers’ steam airflow is poreless, steam cleaners can also adjust the dryness and humidity, for the leather cloth material, can play a very good cleaning effect!

High-temperature degradation of oil stains for industrial

Steam car washes machine high-temperature degradation out of the function of oil stains, but also can be widely used in industry, oil fields, etc. Then customers are confused, what can high pressure car washing machines in the industry play a role in? In fact, in the production of equipment in the industry, the need to use a large number of lubricants, lubricants after high temperature will undergo denaturation, will form sludge, these sludge clean-up trouble, do not clean up the long-term will affect the use of equipment. The emergence of steam cleaning machines, just to solve the pressing problems in the industry.

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