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Why is the car wash steamer slow to heat up?

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Steam car wash machine cold start, only 1 to 2 minutes to warm up the machine. In standby mode, it is ready to use. According to the standard data, a steam car washer can produce steam in 45 seconds at room temperature. However, based on the reality of use, some customers may be in the south, the lowest temperature is more than ten degrees, some customers in the north, the lowest temperature to reach minus 30 degrees, in such room temperature steam car wash machine steam generation time is certainly not the same. The main factor that causes the difference in steam generation time is the speed of steam car wash machine heating, that is, no matter where the equipment heats up quickly, it can produce steam in a short period, slow heating will take a long time to produce steam. However, there are times when the steam car wash machine heats up faster or slower independent of the room temperature and has some relationship with people's operation and fuel. Here is the list of reasons why steam washers are slow to heat up.

Here is the content list:

l Liquefaction valve open too small

l Low quality of fuel

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Liquefaction valve open too small

One of the reasons why car wash steamers are slow to heat up: Liquefaction valve opens too small. After receiving the steam car washer, the user follows the normal operation process, first pressing the anti-freeze button to turn off the cold water, then opening the liquefaction valve and pressing the steam button to wait for the steam to come out. The user operation is no problem, but there is a detail, that is, the user in the opening of the liquefied gas valve will only be twisted a turn to unscrew it, rather than open it completely, which will cause the amount of gas is very small, the combustion of the heat generated by less will lead to slow healing of the steam car wash machine. Some users say I will also open the valve, but still slow to heat up. That is because there is a safety pressure reducing valve in front of the valve, there is a nut on the pressure reducing valve to adjust the size of the ventilation, although the valve of the liquefied gas tank is opened wide, the valve of the pressure reducing valve is still in the minimum open state, the amount of liquefied gas into the interior of the steam car wash machine is still very small, so the heating is very slow.

Low quality of fuel

The second reason for the slow heating of steam car wash machines: the low quality of fuel, which does not meet the relevant standard requirements. Some high pressure car washing machines use liquefied gas, commonly known as gas, as the main fuel. The quality of liquefied gas is not good, and the heat generated by combustion is not high enough to meet the requirements of the equipment to convert water into steam. So, the time to produce steam will be greatly extended, or even unable to produce normal steam, the solution is to replace good quality liquefied gas or directly replace the propane.

Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd reminds you that all of the above reasons can cause a steam car washer to be slow to heat up.

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