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Why steam car wash machines will become the future trend?

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In the face of the huge car wash market, the crowd of businesses, the real science of non-corrosive, non-polluting, environmentally friendly cleaning products are few and far between. The market development trend is also environmental protection first, the same consumption, environmentally friendly products are everyone's must-have products, and now many people have recognized the car wash steamer car wash equipment. Today, Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd, as a professional manufacturer of steam car wash machines, will tell you why steam car wash machines will become the future trend of the car wash.

Here is the content list:

l Changes in the environment

l The purpose of steam car wash machine

l The advantages of steam car wash machines in terms of environmental protection


Changes in the environment

The improvement of people's living standards, the various environments around will also have higher requirements, such as car wash will be particularly clean, and will often go to the car wash, make the car spotless, also like to use steam to sterilize the car interior, after all, after high-temperature sterilization of the car interior, the ablest to make people's hearts flutter. Earth's lack of water resources, car washes a lot of water is not a way out. National environmental protection requirements, car washing will naturally produce a lot of pollutants, and now the big cities, Beijing, Shanghai has begun to require car washes must use the water recycling system. But the source is the most important, if the use of steam car wash machine, can avoid the generation of waste that pollutes the environment.

The purpose of steam car wash machine

Here, let's talk about what is the purpose of using a steam car wash machine: sterilization, remove the smell, kill mites, remove the dirt inside the crevices, and do what other cleaning fluids cannot do. There is also the steam car wash machine to save water, environmental protection. So, our requirements for the steam car wash machine cannot be an ordinary steam machine, it will need the temperature of steam, dryness, while also dry and wet adjustment, but also the need for dual guns used at the same time, and the last one is the steam car wash machine sustained performance.

The advantages of steam car wash machines in terms of environmental protection

The principle of a steam car wash machine is relatively easy to understand, through the pump-to-pump water into a special shape of stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe below the liquefied gas or diesel or electric heating device, through thermal conversion, the water in the pipeline heated into steam. Since the pump motor is constantly supplying water to the pipeline, the steam car washer here ejects a mixture of water and steam. Because of the amount of water and the heating temperature, it is impossible to heat all the water pumped in to become steam, so the high pressure car washing machine should in principle be called a hot water gas car wash, so take advantage of the temperature to clean stains while with a certain amount of moisture. Such a working principle saves a lot of car wash water, according to statistics, a steam car washer a car is traditional water wash a car's water consumption of one-fifth to one-eighth.

Therefore, steam car wash machines will become the darling of the car wash market, which is not a questionable thing. If you want to buy steam car washer products, you can contact Eco-Technologies Co.

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