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After-sales Service

  Our service department will book vessel with shipping agent, and confirm the date for delivery.

  On the same day, they will send notice to Delivery Department. The Delivery Department will spend 1 day on re-testing the machine and packing. Then, deliver the machine as planned.

  Service Department will contact you for the shipping documents information, custom clearance or certificate documents information, etc.

  Service Department will inform you of the ETD and ETA, and also they will send you an email, including pictures for your machine with package, operation manual, videos about how to use and maintenance, etc.

  When you receive the machine, Service People will contact you for first testing. They will guide you on how to connect machine with engine, how to operate the machine, etc.

  After testing, the marketing solution provider will contact you about how to do marketing in your market, and will discuss with you for all the details, e.g. marketing material design, promotion model and advertisement, etc.

  Service People will do video meeting with you to guide you on how to replace parts or to do maintenance, if any case of machine not working.

  For distributors or Agents, we will offer full supports more than you expected. You can contact us freely.
Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co.Ltd., founded in 2001,the existing employees are more than 100 people, is a professional engaged in car maintenance industry of high-tech enterprises, The main products include HHO Carbon Cleaner, GOCLEAN steam car washing machine, and DPF cleaner.

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