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  • How much water is consumed for per car washing (sedan)?

    Generally it only takes 2 liters of water to clean a car by GOCLEAN steam car washer.
    Of course, there are many factors to affect water consumption, like automobile size or dirtiness of vehicle, user's skill, climate condition and others. 
  • How long does it take to wash a car by using GOCLEAN steam car washer?

    Generally about 10 minutes. One of our customer told us: he just took 7 minutes to clean 1 car before.
    Cleaning time is up to many aspects: 
    ①which level you want to clean: simple exterior cleaning; exterior & interior together cleaning; 360℃ comprehensive cleaning.
    ②How dirty the car is.
    ③How well you use the GOCLEAN ( Operator skills )
    Most of our customers after get familiar with GOCLEAN machine, clean quick and business goes well. Some customers says they can clean 60 - 120 cars per day, sometimes even more. 
  • Is steam car wash effective when cleaning a very dirty car?

    GOCLEAN steam car washer with enough high pressure and temperature steam makes car cleaning well. The heat of the pressurized steam helps break down caked-on dirt and grime on vehicle surface very quickly and efficiently. Besides, GOCLEAN steam car washer wet steam can soften dirty things in several seconds, then you can mop it clean. 
  • Can I clean vehicle interiors with steam?

    The GOCLEAN steam car washer has two kinds of steam: dry & wet. GOCLEAN dry steam focus on car interior cleaning: using less water to clean it & interiors can be dried within minutes.
  • How long do I have to wait to wash the next car after one wash?

    GOCLEAN steam car washer can support 24 hours non-stop working. Then no waiting time needed between 2 cars cleaning period. GOCLEAN is designed to activate with electricity so the pump automatically to have enough steam ready for wash at any given time.
  • What is the operating cost for washing a vehicle with the GOCLEAN steam car washer?

    In general, washing a car only consumes about 2 liters water, 2KW electricity and 10~15 minutes of manpower.
    Costs of electricity, water and labor differ greatly per country also will affect the final cost. In end, income will be many times more than cost.
  • Will high heat damage vehicle's surface?

    When washing a vehicle using the GOCLEAN steam car washer, the tip of the spray gun is held 10-15 cm away from the surface of the vehicle. At this distance the steam temperature is below 65~85℃ and will not cause damage to the vehicle’s body paint. Steam quickly loosens dirt. During normal washing operations, steam will only make contact with a particular surface for fraction of a second, not long enough to cause damage.
    The traditional car wash is to wash and polish your car with a rotating brush, which is harmful to the car surface.
  • What parts of the vehicle do you avoid with steam?

    Do not use steam on radios, speakers, dash board displays or on exposed electrical components. Also avoid leaving hot steam hoses on heat sensitive materials such as vinyl for an extended period of time.
  • Can steam remove brake dust, grease and decals from a vehicle's surface?

    Yes, GOCLEAN steam car washer can quickly and effectively remove brake dust, tough stains, grease, odors and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces without chemicals. Simply hold the steam gun over a particular surface until the contaminants are completely removed.
  • What kind of water is recommended to use with GOCLEAN steam car washer?

    Clean tap water or drinking water.
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