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What is the DPF ultrasonic cleaning machine?DPF ultrasonic cleaning machine is one of the DPF cleaning machines.What is the DPF ultrasonic cleaner like? What is the scope of application of DPF ultrasonic cleaning machine? The following article will introduce the DPF ultrasonic cleaner from these two



Why steam car wash machines will become the future trend?

Why steam car wash machines will become the future trend?In the face of the huge car wash market, the crowd of businesses, the real science of non-corrosive, non-polluting, environmentally friendly cleaning products are few and far between. The market development trend is also environmental protecti



Why is the car wash steamer slow to heat up?

Steam car wash machine cold start, only 1 to 2 minutes to warm up the machine. In standby mode, it is ready to use. According to the standard data, a steam car washer can produce steam in 45 seconds at room temperature. However, based on the reality of use, some customers may be in the south, the lo



Why are steam car washers widely used?

Steam car wash machine why the application of a wide range? Steam car wash machine I think now for many people is still relatively unfamiliar, for steam car wash machine performance understanding is also relatively vague, after all, China is so big, some places are still not popular too. The followi



What types of DPF cleaning machines are there?

In different application fields and technical conditions, DPF cleaning machines have equipment types with different functions and technologies. So, what type of DPF cleaning machine is there? What are the differences and connections between different types of DPF cleaning machines? Below, the articl

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Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co.Ltd., founded in 2001,the existing employees are more than 100 people, is a professional engaged in car maintenance industry of high-tech enterprises, The main products include HHO Carbon Cleaner, GOCLEAN steam car washing machine, and DPF cleaner.

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