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What is DPF cleaning system?

KingKar DPF Filter Cleaning System with the most advanced and unique technology to clean all filters of diesel vehicles. Only need 30~60 mins to clean 1DPF, It using warm water flushing with the cleaner agent and high-pressure air purging work alternately. Ensure 100% clean will not cause a secondary blockage. It’s impeccable operation and usefulness.

High Pressure DPF Cleaning System with high density of 5-micron filter density for the wastewater filtration system. It can filter very small particles and ash, so will not cause a secondary blockage and a more thorough cleaning effect. Besides,the water is recycled, so save water. And after cleaning, there is a purification system. you can get clean water in 10mins.

Target Markets

Our range of machines can service any of these machines

Any DPF Cleaning Systems You Want

Kingkar DPF cleaning machine can be used to clean all kinds of DPF, DOC, SCR and catalyst,etc.And it has the main role as:

Better Engine Performance and Fuel Economy

Regular DPF cleaning makes and keeps your engine drive smoothly. When you keep your filter clean, you’ll get better fuel economy. The DPF is part of your engine’s exhaust system, and even if it’s only partially clogged, it still increases back pressure in the engine. This entirely affects your fuel economy.

Remove Clogging Before It Gets Worse

When your DPF works perfectly, it burns off hydrocarbons and particles in the exhaust, and this causes ashes to slowly build up. DPF cleaning services remove these ashes and let the filter work in the most efficient manner.
When you notice such sounds from your car, it might be a good idea to check out the filter and get it cleaned before the clogging leads to more significant problems.

Prevent Replacement

Getting your DPFs cleaned means you avoid frequent replacement to your DPFs, which is much more expensive by the way. Remember, Diesel particulate filters are incredibly expensive, and if you don’t keep them clean, they can become damaged. When this happens, you have to replace them.
Either you get it all cleaned up or your replace them every now and then.

Why we are trustworthy

Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co.,ltd founded in 2001, the existing employees are more than 100 people, is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in car care equipment. Integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, technical services, and technical consulting.

KINGKAR commit to providing the most professional and personal business plan to our customers, in order to make their business easier. Because KINGKAR always supplies the newest technology, the best products, and the best service to help customers keep the competitive power and the leading position of car care industry in their market.
What’s more, it owns 3 brands in car care produce field: GOCLEAN; HHO; KingKar DPF cleaning machine. Every device has made outstanding achievements.

HHO6.0 carbon cleaner with more than 25 sole distributors and 396 city distributors. GoCLEAN start from 2005, with distributors all around the world. KingKar DPF cleaning machine as the KingKar newest brand has gotten rid of the shortcomings of the current DPF cleaning machines, 100% cleaning and without a secondary blockage. KingKar DPF cleaning machine aims to a well-used, longer lifetime machine. Especially it created backwash unique technology.
1 machine for all kinds of DPF, DOC, SCR and exhaust pipe
  The pioneer of back-wash technology
  19-year development history
  10 years technology R&D
  12 safety devices on machine
  30-60 minutes cleaning one DPF
Under the leadership of Mr.steven(General Manager), We have professional team worked at research, mechanical design, production, sales, and management. Over 19 years of development, Kingkar owned over 50 certificates and invention patents, like CE, ISO, SGS and so on, and has been authorized as one of national High Technology Expertise in China.
The principle of KingKar is to create value for customers, build a successful stage for employees, make a contribution to society.

We regard “study and innovation” as our Values and will continuously update our technology to adapt to different industries’ application and satisfy various requirements from our customers so as to lead the development of new energy industry in China and international market.

Kingkar Group always studying the research & development and production of car care equipment, and bring in talent in universities, keeps our technology always keep ahead of auto industry. Kingkar is the outstanding company in Chinese trade industry, it is the president member of Changsha Cross-border trade association and Shenzhen Cross-border trade association and so on.

Advantages of Our DPF Cleaning System

  • 01
    Triple cleaning technology, to remove up to 100% of carbon, soot, ash, etc.
  • 02
    Can clean all kinds & size of DPF, DOC, SCR, included cars, vans, trucks...
  • 03
    One machine completes the operation,fully automatic cleaning process
  • 04
    Equipped the 10μm filter device = deep cleaning and reusable, save water and more eco-friendly.
  • 05
    Certified results: with a certified back pressure test before and after the cleaning cycle(only DPF6.0 have)
  • 06
    Got the CE, ISO, NOA certificates and RoHS certificate for the cleaner agent, totally safe cleaning.
All of them have at least 5 years experience.
One to one service workmate to guide each cutomers.
24 hours and 7 working days onlie.

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Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co.Ltd., founded in 2001,the existing employees are more than 100 people, is a professional engaged in car maintenance industry of high-tech enterprises, The main products include HHO Carbon Cleaner, GOCLEAN steam car washing machine, and DPF cleaner.

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